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Fukitol- The All Purpose Pill

Quotes- Love - Depression- Relateable-  Personal

Quotes- Love - Depression- Relateable-  Personal


These are some of the most amazing life hack DIY house things I’ve ever seen, and there’s 40 more in the source link!

(Source: BuzzFeed)


DIY 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake Recipe and Tutorial from Kirbie’s Cravings. Note: the author of the recipe writes that if you don’t follow the instructions exactly this cake will not come out as it should.


Thanks to our friends at Remodelaholic for the in-depth tutorial on how to repurpose a simple card table into a useful, sharp-lookin’ storage console table! DIY here:


DIY PROJECT @ iheartorganizing
Cereal Box Drawer Dividers


DIY Geometric Wall Hanging Organizer

Using cardboard for making desk organizers isn’t anything new but I had a lot of cardboard boxes and had to use them. I’m really obsessed with the shape ‘Triangle’ so finally I decided to make organizers but keeping triangle as the focus.

DIY Wands (x)
(You can click the link to show the larger version of the picture.)

How to make a chibi jack charm (x)

Firefly Nightlight. (x)

How to make a tutu.

I totally found what I’m making for the kids this weekend! Diy apple pie fries! How awesome is that?! These scrumptious fun little dipping sticks will make you the most Awesome person of your little one’s day! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
What you’ll need:
1 Package of Pillsbury Refrigerated pie Crust (2 ct.)
Approx. 1.5 cups of Apple Pie Filling
1 Egg
Sparkle Sugar for sprinkling..a.k.a. “Salt”
Caramel Sauce and/or Ice Cream for dipping
A food processor..optional!
A decorative edge roll-cutter..optional!
I found this posted on, but go to this site for a full tutorial:
I hope all of you and / or your kiddies will enjoy this little diy project as much as my family. So have fun, maybe even try this with different pie fillings for a variety and good eats!
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DIY: Beaded Woven V-Neck

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